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Winter’s End or Spring’s Beginning

Posted: March 8th, 2011 |  by: daveridley |  Tags: , , , ,
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Yesterday’s storm reminded me that our weather patterns are beginning to change as the sun makes it’s annual trek northward. All winter long I have been teaching skiing at the Camden Snow Bowl. The rewards were many, as I really do enjoy teaching skiing and watching the next generation of skiers have fun and improve. After all, it’s now their mountain. As March begins, we can sense spring in the air. The intensity of the sun even on colder days is much different than it was a month ago. Temperatures can be like a yo yo, warm for a few days and then cold again. Teasing us or daring us into thinking winter is over. Even still we remain optimistic that March will eventually break the back of winter and the refreshing change of seasons will bring forth new life. We all remember spring a year ago: dry, warm and bursting with refreshing new energy. Will this spring be a repeat of last year? The typical April showers were few as we seemed to jump quickly from winter to summer. It was not the typical Maine spring where we are mired in mud and testing the limits of sump pumps. After a long cold winter, I for one wouldn’t mind a repeat pattern of a year ago. No predictions here, as we will take a wait and see approach and somehow adapt to whatever spring provides.

As for the photo side of things … stay tuned. With spring come excellent opportunities for dusting off the camera and getting outside once again to witness the rejuvenation of life in the natural world. In my next blog, I’ll be exploring with you how to make the best pictures to take advantage of the next few months. I would also love to hear from you. Is there something you would like me to cover? Let me know or just say hello. It’s exciting to be thinking spring!

Life In The High Counrty

Posted: November 30th, 2010 |  by: daveridley |  Tags: , , ,
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Living at nine thousand feet above sea level presents challenges that are much different than you might think. First of all is the weather. Even though the TV stations broadcast the latest forecasts, they rarely include the high country. Today is a glorious day with brilliant sunshine and frigid temperatures, but the intense sun is working hard to warm things up. Did I forget to tell you that already there is foot of snow on the ground? As I sit here, I can see the wind blowing freshly fallen snow off the mountain peaks into the backlit blue sky. Down here in the valley chimneys are pouring wood smoke straight up into the dazzling wild blue yonder. The crystals in the snow are glistening in the bright sunlight creating a winter wonder. Having lived by the ocean for most of my life and loved the beauty of the Maine coast, I can see the same sense of wonder and beauty in the mountains of Colorado.

Another challenge in the high country is breathing. The air is definitely thinner and adjusting to the new altitude takes several days. Simple things like climbing stairs can or hiking can quickly cause fatigue. Once acclimated these symptoms disappear and life returns to normal. I’ll give this a test tomorrow by venturing out skiing for the first time this year. I might not last long, but I know it will be fun.

The final challenge I have encountered in the high country is cooking. I never realized how long it takes to boil water. Last night I made a delightful shrimp/artichoke casserole. It’s a good thing I started early or dinner would have been late. Modifying recipes to account for increased cooking time is a must. If the recipe says it will take forty minutes, plan on sixty.

As you can see, life here is an adjustment and learning all the tricks can be….well, tricky! Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how the skiing is in my next post.

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